How to Ensure a Stress-Free Children’s Party!

Looking back on your children parties, you see the photograph of them with a big smile and friends around them.  But that doesn’t always tell the whole story!  Behind those smiles, is often an organiser who has suffered stress and anxiety in the build-up and during the event.

Let us help you, by sharing some of our top tips of what makes a stress-free party for the adults organising.

  1. Independent Venue – holding your child’s party at home might sound appealing during the planning stage, but when you see that sentimental vase rocking, or blackcurrant juice on the new carpet, this plan might seem less attractive.  If you take the party to an independent venue, you can tick one thing off the worry list straight away!
  2. Entertainment – organise some age-appropriate entertainment for the party.  If it’s engaging for that group, you can sit back and relax while the children are involved in games or being entertained.  You no longer have to worry about boredom, restlessness or even over-excitement.
  3. Balloon-gate – as lovely as balloons might look, the bursting sound that they make has a remarkable effect on other children.  One that might contribute to a more stressful event!  How about still using balloons, but pinning them to walls instead of letting them roam free?
  4. Helpers – don’t be tempted to turn down offers of help.  If other adults offer to help, accept it.  In our experience of holding parties at The Glasheen Academy in Crewe, we know that if there are a few grown ups to help out, it gives more breathing space for the main organiser to take a break.  This can make all of the difference!
  5. Save the cake until the end – be wise, leave the sugar until the end of the party.  Better still, send the children home with the cake! 

Here at The Party Centre, we can help take care of the venue and all of the entertainment with our choice of martial arts, street dance, bouncy castle and disco or Nerf Parties.  If you want to find out more about the structure of our parties and how we can help to make it stress-free, give Damian a call on 01270 253940

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